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No.Tender ID & Tender BriefStateTender ValueDue Date
1 Tender: 6247687 Construction of Shed Behind Academy House.
TELANGANARefer Detail01/08/2014
2 Tender: 6247686 Auction sale of Computer items.
ANDHRA PRADESHRefer Detail12/08/2014
3 Tender: 6247685 Auction sale of Vehicle, Diesel Generator Sets, Batteries, Scrap Ferrous Metal/Non Ferrous/Aluminium/Brass/Copper, Computer Items/Air Conditioner/Scrap Non Ferrous Metal.
ANDHRA PRADESHRefer Detail14/08/2014
4 Tender: 6247684 Construction Of 285 Km Bitumen Top Road At Buranjewadi/Sikrapur Village At 765/400kv Gis Pune S/S Under Csr.
MAHARASHTRARefer Detail02/09/2014
5 Tender: 6247683 Auction sale of TIG Welding Transformer.
GOARefer Detail01/08/2014
6 Tender: 6247682 Auction Sale of BER Oil Furnace and its accessories.
MAHARASHTRARefer Detail11/08/2014
7 Tender: 6247681 Balance Work for Modernization of Park-1 and 2.
8 Tender: 6247680 Auction sale of Old double glass unit.
MAHARASHTRARefer Detail01/08/2014
9 Tender: 6247679 Auction Sale of Aluminum Scrap, Cu-Ni Scrap, Brass Scrap.
MAHARASHTRARefer Detail11/08/2014
10 Tender: 6247678 Auction sale of 285 KVA Engine Alternator Set, 7 Tr Air Conditioning Package Unit & Condensor.
MAHARASHTRARefer Detail06/08/2014
11 Tender: 6247677 Auction Sale of Scrap/used unserviceable condemned Lead Acid Batteries, Scrap Titanium Chips, Scrap Aluminium Chips, Scrap Aluminium Chips unsegregated, Waste/used/rejected/Life Expired, Rej. /Life exp. Chemical Paint. Glue, Varnish, Sealing Compound etc Mixed, Scrap Steel Turning Boring Unsegregated, Scrap Electrical, Scrap Radar Frequency Converter, Scrap Auto Parts and Transport Spares etc mixed unsegregated, Only Scrap Wood, Plywood etc., Scrap Plastic Items, Scrap Rubber items, Scrap Tube lights and bulbs, Scrap Steel Furniture, Scrap Miscellaneous Steel, Scrap M.S. Off cut unsegregated. Scrap Aircraft Tyres various Sizes, Scrap Aluminium Off cut, Parts etc Mixed unsegregated, Scrap Computer Cartridges with Box unsegregated, Scrap A/C Windows, Scrap Perspex Sheet, Canopy etc Mixed Unsegregated, Scrap Freeze, Scrap Water Cooler, Scrap Cable / Wire unsegregated, Scrap Empty Plastic Cans -Size 40 Ltrs, Scrap Empty M.S. Barrels - 200 Liters, Scrap Machinery Spares Mixed Unsegregated, Scrap Metco Furnace Plant No.7125.
MAHARASHTRARefer Detail11/08/2014
12 Tender: 6247676 Supplying & installation of Energy meter in staff quarters at AIR, Jamshedpur.
13 Tender: 6247675 Auction sale of Bajaj Tempo Traveller.
MAHARASHTRARefer Detail06/08/2014
14 Tender: 6247674 Require Commercial Premises on Lease/Rent Basis for ATM.
CHHATTISGARHRefer Detail08/08/2014
15 Tender: 6247673 Auction Sale of Scrap Lathe Machine Plant No.1491, Scrap Furnace, Plant No.7185, Scrap Tool and Cutter Grinding Machine, Plant No.3951, Scrap Canteen items, Scrap Thread Grinding Machine, Plant No.3842, Scrap Plug and socket of Looms unsegregated, Scrap Electric Motors and equipments, Scrap Computer Items, Scrap Hydraulic Power Pack, Scrap Cooling Towers, Scrap Aluminium Solid Off cut unsegregated, Scrap Zerox Machine, Scrap Empty Plastic Barrels, Scrap Titanium Off cut unsegregated, Scrap Broken Tools, Scrap Air Radiator, Scrap Brass Turning unsegregated, Scrap Brass Items = Scrap Cocks, Locks, etc unsegregated, Scrap Steel Cocks unsegregated, Scrap/Used X Ray Films, Scrap News Papers Magazine, Scrap Bearing unsegregated, Scrap Copper Strips Mixed, Scrap Carbide Tips.
MAHARASHTRARefer Detail11/08/2014
16 Tender: 6247672 Supply of Rice 1 year old (Sample required) (Parimol or equivalent), Masur Dal polished no contamination & bad odour(Small size) ( Sample required), Sugar, powder free white medium crystal dried ( sample required) no, contamination & bad odour), Tea Leaf CTC premium leaf 100 gm pack ( Brookbond, TATA,Lipton or equivalent), Iodised Salt sealed pack of 1 kg (TATA, Surya or equivalent),Mustard Oil 15 kg. Net in tin packing with 6 months shelf life ( Engine, Nutrilla Ruchi Gold, Ganesh or equivalent) ,Soya Bean Agmark sealed pack of 1 kg. (Nutrela or equivalent) ,Atta 5 kg. Pack with 6 months shelf life (Ashirwad or Equivalent), Barley ( 100 gm) (Robinson’s or equivalent), Washing Soap ( 200 gm) ( OK or equivalent), Lifebuoy Soap or equivalent ( 125 gm), Baygon /Finit oil 5 ltr. jar ,Talcom Powder ( 400 gm) ( Ponds or equivalent) ,Razor Blade (SS) ( Gillette or equivalent ), Washing Powder ( 1 Kg. Pack) (Wheel, Nim, Nirma or equivalent) ,Spray Gun Plastic ,Horlicks (500 gm Bottle) or equivalent,Condensed Milk, 400 gm net weight with 6 months shelf life, (Nestle orequivalent),Scotch Brite or Equivalent ( Big size),Hand Towel white ( 18” x 30”),Mopping Cloth, Size: 50 cm x 50 cm
17 Tender: 6247671 Fixing of Paver Block.
MADHYA PRADESH9,85,000.0014/08/2014
18 Tender: 6247670 Provision of Necessary Aluminum Section Partition, Sanitary Work and Electrification Work.
MADHYA PRADESH8,87,000.0014/08/2014
19 Tender: 6247669 Auction Sale of Heavy Weight Tower, splicing machine, Life expired vehicle Tempo traveler MP08-F-8253.
MADHYA PRADESHRefer Detail11/08/2014
20 Tender: 6247668 Auction Sale of Air Compressors.
MAHARASHTRARefer Detail12/08/2014
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