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1 Tender: 6951606 Sale of Al. wire in PVC 1.5, Ceiling Fan 1200 MM , HPSV Lamp Ass size, PVC insulated copper wire 4 sq. mm submersible cable Chain pulley block 2 ton, Tube / Lamp cap, Single phase energy meter ( electronic), Heating element, Lamp Holder, Lamp Holder, DP/SPN MCB,40 watt choke, Burner Nozzle, Diffuser plate, empty gas cylinder small, rotary hane pup/ oil pump, measuring jug, desert cooler, water cooler, Single phase energy meter, Fan regulator ( resistant, Brass pendent holder, Pilot electric spray gun, Voltage stabilizer 5 KVA, Rotary Hammer drill, MS tool box, Steel chair, Empty drum, Artificial Respirator, Compound light fitting box only, Ms pole box scrap, 2 x 40 watt fitting box only, SP MCB, Fan Regulator ( resistant type), TPN MCB DB, 15 A socket, 15 A switch , Feeder pillar ( m.s. scrap) approx10kg each
WEST BENGALRefer Detail22/12/2014
2 Tender: 6951605 Development Of Left Side Parks At Kamakshi Hospital Road
3 Tender: 6951604 Supply of Super Strong – 22 Complete Cycle Atlas Co.
GUJARATRefer Detail27/12/2014
4 Tender: 6951603 Construction Of Four Lane Road Over Bridge (Except The Railway Portion) Including The Approach Road At Cochin International Airport.
5 Tender: 6951602 Improvement and Renovation of BSNL Office under TC&S BSF.
6 Tender: 6951601 Purchase Of Archery Equipments -Single Scull, Double Scull, Coxless Pair, Coxless Four.
PUNJABRefer Detail08/01/2015
7 Tender: 6951600 Supply of Maize Deshi (for Animal Feed).
GUJARATRefer Detail08/01/2015
8 Tender: 6951599 Construction of Septic Tank for Toilet Block in STS Training area.
9 Tender: 6951598 Supply of 01. Bi-Annual Maintenance Contract of Automatic Milk Collection Units at DCS 02. Supply and Installation of 2HP Power Operated Chaff Cutter Machine 03. Supply of Liquid Nitrogen Containers 04. Supply, Installation and Commissioning of 200kg Capacity Electronic Weighing Scales 05. Supply of Milk Analyser on annual rate contract basis 06. Supply of Hand Operated Milking Machine on annual rate contract basis 07. Supply of Power Operated Milking Machine (Single Bucket) on annual rate contract basis 08. Supply of Power Operated Milking Machine (Double Bucket) on annual rate contract basis 09. Supply and Installation of Community Milking Machines (6 Cluster) 10. Supply and Installation of Community Milking Machines (8 Cluster) 11. Supply and Installation of 200LPD Evacuated Tube Collector based Solar Water heater 12. Supply of 3000ltrs capacity Horizontal Cylindrical SS Milk Tank 13. Annual maintenance and service contract of DG sets at BMC centers 14. Rewinding of Fan Motors, Milk Pump Motors, DG alternator and Agitator motors of BMC centers on annual rate contract basis 15. Supply of Mahindra DG set Oil Service Kits on annual rate contract basis 16. Printing and Supply of Books and Register on annual rate contract basis 17. Supply of R-22 gas on annual rate contract basis 18. Supply of Milk Testing Equipments on annual rate contract basis
KARNATAKARefer Detail08/01/2015
10 Tender: 6951597 Supply Of Of Splicing Machine(Non-Ribbon Type) And Optical Power Meter(Type A).
HARYANARefer Detail16/01/2015
11 Tender: 6951596 Spillage Coal Cleaning of Various Locations Of Coal Plant Tunnels Etc. At Gandhinagar TPS. (EXTENDED)
12 Tender: 6951595 Manufacture And Supply Of Various Type Of Following Sub-Parts In Black Condition Strictly As Per Grse’S- Stopper Plate Gbb2001:It7, Racker Connecting Plate Gbb5:It6, Foot Walk Support Gbb2001:It5, Tee Bolt Socket Gbb2001:It8.
WEST BENGALRefer Detail07/01/2015
13 Tender: 6951594 Supply Of 2G Pre-Paid 64K Sim Cards.
HARYANARefer Detail07/01/2015
14 Tender: 6951593 Supply of Shaft Sleeves for Clinker Grinders of Ash Plant at GTPS.(EXTENDED)
15 Tender: 6951592 Requirement Of Atm Sites.
JAMMU AND KASHMIRRefer Detail29/12/2014
16 Tender: 6951591 Contract for fee collection of Hoardings (Advertising hoarding fee) at various places.
BIHARRefer Detail05/01/2015
17 Tender: 6951590 Supply, Installation, Testing And Commission Ing Of One No, 10 Passenger, Gearless Machine Room Less, Elevator.
PUNJABRefer Detail30/12/2014
18 Tender: 6951589 Supply Of Glass Partitioned Computer Workstation And Revolving & Tilting Chair.
WEST BENGALRefer Detail05/01/2015
19 Tender: 6951588 Supply Of Light Fittings For Grse Yard Nos. 2096-99.
WEST BENGALRefer Detail26/12/2014
20 Tender: 6951587 Biennial Rate Contract For Final Installation Of Main Engine Room Casing Soft Patches Onboard Wjfacs Yard 2109 To 2112 At Grse Rbd.
WEST BENGALRefer Detail24/12/2014
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